Thursday, February 3, 2011


Waaaaaaaaahhhhhh no more white bread! I LOVE white bread and I always have. Last year when I cut out HFCS though I had to switch. Since I don't like wheat or whole grain bread I got whole wheat white bread and it was a good compromise. BUT for my diet now I needed to find a better bread! I am not ready to dive into bread making but I decided to look into buying home made bread. I looked online and found that the Harvest Bread Company has a location near me. I went to see what they had and almost died to see the bread was $6 a loaf....oy vey!!!! I wasn't even sure if I would like could I spend $6 on it. Then I saw a rack of half priced bread. Turns out that you can buy two day old bread for half off I grabbed a bag of whole grain goodness, paid $3, and was on my way to healthier bread eating!

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