Tuesday, February 8, 2011

One Week Down

Well its been a week and I am very proud of myself. It was hard the first couple of days but I feel like I am getting the hang of it! It takes awhile to stop and think about what you are eating...to look at the ingredients and not just eat anything (and everything) that is around you.

I feel GREAT!!! I mean it..I feel so good, lots of energy, and just happy! I've discovered some new foods that I would never have tried before and I have made meals out of just throwing things together and experimenting. I have also discovered that plain yogurt is an amazing alternative to sour cream. I guess I am the last person on the planet to find this out but I will never buy sour cream again!

The bad news is....I miss my creamer...my French Vanilla creamer for my morning coffee! I've just been drinking it black and although I don't mind that I really want creamer! I am looking into some alternatives now and hopefully I can come up with something VERY yummy soon!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


That is my weight today...yikes! I guess I really do need to lose some weight! I have been doing this real food diet for four days now and I actually do feel slimmer. Soooooo we shall see! I am also trying to workout 30 mins per day which should help!


Waaaaaaaaahhhhhh no more white bread! I LOVE white bread and I always have. Last year when I cut out HFCS though I had to switch. Since I don't like wheat or whole grain bread I got whole wheat white bread and it was a good compromise. BUT for my diet now I needed to find a better bread! I am not ready to dive into bread making but I decided to look into buying home made bread. I looked online and found that the Harvest Bread Company has a location near me. I went to see what they had and almost died to see the bread was $6 a loaf....oy vey!!!! I wasn't even sure if I would like it...how could I spend $6 on it. Then I saw a rack of half priced bread. Turns out that you can buy two day old bread for half off there....so I grabbed a bag of whole grain goodness, paid $3, and was on my way to healthier bread eating!

Why I am doing this......

I want to be healthy. I am not getting any younger and I want to hold on to my health as long as possible. I want to age gracefully, feel good, have energy, and be a better ME! It wouldn't be awful if I lost weight too though. I would love to lose 37lbs and/or 3-4 dress sizes.

I have always tried to eat healthy but the more I am researching a whole foods diet the more I am realizing that I don't even know what is healthy! Its going to be very difficult for me to try to cut out processed food since everything is processed! But I am going to try to cut back as much as possible. I started by cutting out HFCS...which I soon realized is in EVERYTHING!!! But after a couple of months I was able to easily cut that out. I was able to find good alternatives that taste fine and aren't more expensive! Only problem was soda...no more Dt. Pepsi for me :(